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Marlon Stuart aka Trend, a self-innovator has dedicated himself through his blood, sweat and tears to the B.H.E musical movement. He has established himself as CEO of B.H.E (Ball Hogg Entertainment), as well as an upcoming rap artist on his own label. Leaving the negative behind, Marlon considers this movement a fresh new start and a brand new chapter that he feels that his following will want to read from cover to cover. Being self managed and operated along with his artist and confidant OG Knowledge the sky is the limit. Trend confesses that his interest in the music industry surfaced around 2008. His dedication to the craft and lyrical ability has fueled his desire to be the best yet the industry has witnessed.

Trend expresses that musically he was influenced by the hip/hop culture but admits he admires various other music genres. He recalls that LL Cool J was the very first artist that caught his attention. After the industry began to flood with new and upcoming artist he began to gravitate toward others artists and groups, such as N.W.A. Too Short and Snoop Dogg. As the south began to integrate into the arena Trend relied on No Limit and Cash Money to further fuel his passion for the music.

Trend denies trying to make music that is considered over the top but verbalizes his intent to continue making music that is relatable to the majority by maintaining its originality. B.H.E’s future has the potential to be one of the most successful labels to come out of the southern region will stand in the ranks alongside of Cash Money, SoSo Def, Grand Hustle, Derty Entertainment and Mabach Music Group just to name a few.

Over the last few years B.H.E has released several mixtapes consisting of the following: Da Hustletown Movement 2007 Volume. #1, #2 and #3 that also contained music and features with other local artist. Shortly following those endeavors Trend & OG Knowledge (first solo artist signed to B.H.E) merged forces dropping their first duo mixtape entitled “Hogg N Da Game” followed-up by their latest project entitled “Da Last Mixtape”. After firmly establishing himself in the business Trend looks forward to collaborating with artist like T.I., Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Lloyd, Rhianna, Akon and T-Pain for starters.

Trend humbly speaks that his inspiration behind what he does is solely contributed to the fact that he is striving day by day to live a positive life that can be a model or blue print for the younger generation and his current followers. He understands early in this career that a person with any type celebrity has a humane responsibility to his/ or her followers to be a positive light. A motto or phrase that he whole-heartedly promotes to his young followers and younger generation is that, “If you can think it, you can do it!” He thoroughly believes that by staying focused, ambitious and chasing your dreams that one day all things dreamt and wanted will be reality.

Presently B.H.E consist of two members OG Knowledge and Trend, himself. In the future B.H.E does plan to expand and look forward to bringing on new artist and groups to strengthen the B.H.E family. Trend does not deny that after his appetite for the music has subsided that he plans to venture off into acting and/or starting up his very own shoe line. Trend hopes that his drive and ambition is an inspiration to his children in hopes that one day his foundation can be their platform to be who they desire be in life.

Presently, the moment B.H.E is gearing up to release OG Knowledge’s first highly anticipated solo album which is tentatively self entitled, after which Trend’s solo album will soon follow. To stay relevant and to give the followers some visual B.H.E has began shooting videos to some of their hottest tracks. Stay tuned...... This is definitely not the last of B.H.E (Ball Hogg Entertainment).