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Cody Hale aka OG Knowledge, a well respected local rapper of Hope, Arkansas has been entertaining hip hop lovers, both young and old for several years now. He has captivated audiences by his cadence, passion and delivery as a performer and most of all with his rich and powerful metaphoric ability.

OG reveals that his stage name, Knowledge derived from the movie, “Belly”. It was unique which he felt fit his personality perfectly. It is said that with time and age therefore comes wisdom and soon after his community peers began calling him OG. He put the two together OG Knowledge and ran with it. To this day the name has remained OG has no plans on deviating.

His rapping debut was birthed via a couple of mix-tapes entitled, “The Last Mix-tape” and “Hogg in da Game”, that circulated locally then filtering into surrounding towns and cities within a several hundred mile radius. Through the mix-tape market OG Knowledge gained a loyal local fan base that proved to him that he had what it took to be successful in the music industry. His lyrical ability has broaden his career and fueled his longevity in the business.

Being influenced solely by the hip hop movement OG Knowledge grew up listening to mainly east coast rappers such as Nas, Jay Z, Mobb Deep, Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. He admits that east coast rappers delivery was the catalyst that caught his attention. As far as southern rappers he was influenced by No Limit and Hotboys/Cash Money.

Signing with BHE (Ball Hogg Entertainment) he felt was a good and positive move being that he personally knew and trusted Trend, the owner and CEO. Currently BHE only consist of Trend, CEO and OG Knowledge, the artist. He hopes that some day BHE matures in a super label that rivals other labels such as Cash Money and other successful southern labels. OG feels that the music being produced and marketed by BHE will have a grave impact on the State of Arkansas simply because currently there are no well known rap group or single artist from Arkansas with global recognition.

OG realizes that to satisfy his fan base that he has to give them relatable music that tells a story. His musical intentions are to provide music that will make the fan base experience the entire array of human emotions, however in remaining true to himself and his craft the talking “slick” will always be incorporated in any of his musical endeavors. OG plans to bring a new lyrical sound to the music game but still maintaining his southern flavor. Locally OG states that through his lyrical ability and flow his fan base has deemed him the hottest rapper (one of a kind) in the area but do not take their word follow the music and be the judge for yourself.

Og Knowledge confirms that he feels staying focused and being determined will carry you a long way in the business and life. He believes that you can do anything that you want in life, as well as be anybody that you want to be. After the music has subsided OG plans to gravitate toward the silver screen hoping to make an acting debut and also he speaks on starting his very own clothing line. OG boldly makes it public knowledge that his two biggest inspirations to continue with any of this is definitely his two kids. Without them he admits that he does know whether or not his determination and drive would be amped up so high.